Demonstrations Erupt Across the US in Response to George Floyd Murder

The murder of unarmed George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has sparked significant outrage across the entirety of the US. Initially, protests were localized to the Minneapolis area, with demonstrators ultimately setting ablaze the 3rd Precinct – the base at which the officers involved the murder were from. Since then however, the outrage and discontent has spread to all parts of the US, with some protests turning violent.

As the situation is unfolding rapidly, the discontent with racism in the US is becoming more and more evident. Initially, the Minneapolis police force and the National Guard stood down for the protests, but as the protests soon turned to riots, the National Guard ended up deploying 500 of its members to mitigate the unrest. However, as the riots are getting more and more intense, the Defense Department is stepping in and ordering active-duty military police units to prepare to descend on the city.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, the CNN center was surrounded by demonstrators on Friday, with the main entrance to the building vandalized, and nearby police vehicles set ablaze. As the situation escalated, an unknown explosive projectile was thrown into the building, abruptly terminating the news channel’s live broadcast. The crew immediately ran for cover, and no resulting injuries have thus far been reported. The Georgia governor has declared a state of emergency, and has called on the National Guard to restore order as looting and arson are becoming more prevalent.

It also appears that demonstrators have descended on the White House for the second time on Friday. The first protest rally has caused the Secret Service to enact an hour-long lockdown of the building, with much of the crowd dispersing soon after. However, the crowd soon came back in the evening- and although no significant violence was reported, several projectiles such as water bottles and a firecracker were thrown at the officers.

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