DigiMax To Develop Investment Analytics Service For Issuers And Investors

DigiMax Global Solutions (CSE: DIGI) today announced that it is in the process of developing an AI-powered investment analytics service. Developed through its wholly owned subsidiary DataNavee, the service will enable investors and issuers to gain valuable insights to relevant investment trends.

The service itself is expected to be available on a subscription basis, with the first beta tests scheduled to be conducted before the end of the year. The service is intended to provide detailed data on whats being invested in within niche categories, what variables go into those investment decisions, and the time horizons for such actions.

The subscription nature of the service is intended to provide issuers and investors with new ideas for investing while also providing valuable research for such actions. The analytics will also allow issuers to target their potential audience in a very specific and defined manner thanks in part to the custom tools offered within the service.

The benefit, as the company identifies, is that for issuers in can result in higher valuations due to specific investor targeting and more streamlined and cost effective efforts for reaching funding. On the other hand, for investors it offers customized searches and reports to find a much narrower field of potential investments based on specific criteria while also finding potential new investment theses to explore.

“The AI driven data analytics sector is experiencing high growth as witnessed by companies such as Palentir, among others, and DataNavee is carving its own niche by offering such services in a SaaS model to small and medium sized companies and high net worth individuals. For investors and issuers, our globalized investment analytics will provide real time relevancy for more insightful decisions with the aim of better outcomes.”

Chris Carl, CEO

The analytics system is said to be based on historical and real time data that is continuously updated from numerous qualified sources. The program is said to contain economic data, data from proprietary data sets, as well as in-process funding sources across global markets, amongst other information.

DigiMax Global Solutions last traded at $0.045 on the CSE.

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