Donetsk Separatist Leader: Full-Scale War on Donbass Can Start Any Moment

A full-out war can break out at any moment in eastern Ukraine, warned separatist leader of self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic,’ Denis Pushilin, as loyal forces to Kiev prepare for an assault.

“Kiev can start a full-scale assault on Donbass at any moment, the situation is critical,” said Denis Pushilin to Russian television, merely an hour following an explosion near the Donetsk government building. The blast turned out to be a car bomb directed at the region’s police chief Denis Sinenkov, who did not sustain any injuries.

When quizzed whether or not the region will be pushed into a war, Pushilin replied: “yes, unfortunately, yes.” According to him, the bombing was a preemptive assault, which will likely be followed by an attack by Kiev. Pushilin revealed that all major buildings and key infrastructure is being safeguarded in the event of a potential terrorist attack. Ukraine, for its part, has thus far refuted rumours of plans to assault the two breakaway republics.

In the meantime, officials from Donetsk and Lugansk have advised people to evacuate into Russia ahead of a potential conflict. According to Pushilin, hundreds of thousands of civillians, mostly the elderly, women, and children could be relocated to Russia, while men under the age of 55 may be prompted to remain.

The situation in eastern Ukraine has been tense as of recent, as Donbass— which consists of the two breakaway republics Donetsk and Lugansk— accuses Kiev of preparing to conquer the region via a military operation. Government officials have cited a significant rise in assaults by Ukrainian forces alongside the armistice line, including incidents involving tanks, artillery, and mortars.

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