Edgewater Wireless Hosts Successful Webinar on Patented Dual Channel Technology

Edgewater Wireless (TSXV: YFI) hosted a successful webinar late last week on the topic of dual-channel WiFi. Working in collaboration with CableLabs, Edgewater identified the need for its patented dual channel technology in the current tech environment, and the benefits it can provide in the $12.9 billion residential WiFi marketspace.

Current wifi technology is based on a single channel approach that was brought forth in 1999 – meaning the current technology is dated by roughly two decades. As such, it was never intended to be operated in the manner it is today. With over three billion wifi devices shipped annually, the now outdated tech was not expected to handle such high loads when designed. The result, is a slow network when multiple devices are connected due to the manner in which these devices communicate.

In search of a solution to this persistent problem in today’s smart connected world, Edgewater Wireless and CableLabs collaborated to jointly develop what is effectively a two lane highway for wifi devices. Known as dual-channel WiFi, the technology utilizes previously unused portions of the wireless spectrum to open up additional channels for the use of downstream data. The result is real time, uninhibited traffic on the wifi channel – which reduces ‘lag’ to the end user, something very valuable when watching video, gaming, or streaming content.

This is an exciting time in the evolution of Wi-Fi and we’re honoured to have the inventor of Dual Channel Wi-Fi™, Luther Smith, Director of Wireless Access Technologies at CableLabs, join us on the webinar. Together we unpacked the global opportunity of Dual Channel Wi-Fi, the future of advanced Multi-Channel Wi-Fi and Edgewater Wireless’s role in the multi-billion dollar residential market.

Eric Smith, VP Product for Edgewater Wireless

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