Elon Musk Claps Back, Says It’s Time For Donald Trump To “Sail Into The Sunset”

Elon Musk on Monday evening tweeted a reply to a Breitbart news clip of former president Donald Trump calling him “another bullsh*t artist,” and basically said that the 76-year-old should just give it up.

Musk shared that he thinks Trump, who will be 82 at the end of the next presidential term, is “too old to be chief executive of anything, let alone the United States of America.”

“Also, I think the legal maximum age for start of Presidential term should be 69,” he added in a separate tweet.

Trump “ripped” Musk apart at a recent rally in Alaska, first criticizing Musk’s withdrawal from the Twitter deal, and then called him out for the recent declaration that he’s never voted Republican, when he allegedly told Trump that he voted for him. 

The criticism follows after Musk indicated support for Trump challenger Ron DeSantis. The Florida Governor is the strongest potential rival to the former president for the Republican nomination. Musk has recently said that if DeSantis runs against President Joe Biden in 2024, the Republican will “easily win – he doesn’t even need to campaign.”

Trump is on the offensive, likely recognizing Musk’s influence and the significance of his potential endorsement of DeSantis.

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