Elon Musk Wants to Create New AI Start-Up to Compete With OpenAI

Elon Musk is reportedly developing plans to launch a new artificial intelligence start-up to compete with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

According to people familiar with the matter cited by the Financial Times, Musk is said to be assembling a team of AI researchers and engineers, and has been in discussions with investors from SpaceX and Tesla about funding a new AI venture. He has also sourced numerous high-powered GPU processors from Nvidia that will be used to create large language models to eventually compete with OpenAI.

“A bunch of people are investing in it . . . it’s real and they are excited about it,” the people said. Even though he co-founded OpenAI back in 2015, Musk has been vocal about the safety of GPT-style models, warning that as they become more advanced, they’ll be increasingly susceptible to political bias. Still, the billionaire entrepreneur isn’t shy about getting into the AI space once again.

Musk has allegedly already recruited engineers— including Igor Babuschkin, a former employee of DeepMind— and several others for his new AI venture. The new company would allow Musk to directly compete with OpenAI, which he left in 2018 amid clashes over AI safety concerns.

Musk’s new AI venture likely won’t be linked to his other companies, such as Tesla and Twitter, although he might integrate Tesla’s computing resources into the language model, as well as use Twitter content to train the model afterwards. Musk has previously expressed optimism about Tesla’s own supercomputer dubbed Dojo, which is used to train its Autopilot self-driving system, and has hinted at potentially opening it up as a service for other companies.

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