Ford Government Tells NDP to Call 1-800-JAGMEET … But It’s the Wrong Number

If you want to contact “your friend in Ottawa,” Jagmeet Singh, please don’t listen to Paul Calandra and call 1-800-JAGMEET. 

The number, as Global News’ Colin D’Mello found out, is a phone sex line…as in “if you are a man seeking a woman, press one…”

The video, taken from a meeting this week, shows the Ontario Government House Leader telling NDP to call Ottawa to tell them to “remove taxes from carbon tax because that will help put more money back in people’s pockets.”

It’s unclear if the members of the Ford government, who were seen nodding their heads, smiling, chuckling in the background actually know where the number leads to at the time Calandra talked about it.

Responders to D’Mello’s post mostly found it funny. One commenter saw it as an indicator of a deeper problem in the conservative provincial government.

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