GOP Lawmakers Introduce Sweeping Bill to Eliminate DEI Programs in Federal Government

Congressional Republicans on Wednesday introduced the Dismantle DEI Act, a bill aimed at eliminating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs and funding in the federal government. The bill, led by Sen. JD Vance (R-Ohio) and Rep. Michael Cloud (R-Texas), seeks to end DEI-related funding for agencies, contractors, organizations, and educational accreditation agencies that receive federal funding.

Supporters of the bill argue that DEI initiatives foster division and racial bias within institutions and culture. They claim that taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund these programs, which they view as promoting a radical and divisive ideology. The bill would rescind President Biden’s 2021 executive order that created a policy to cultivate a diverse workforce and remove structural barriers faced by underserved and minority communities.

The Dismantle DEI Act has gained support from 15 House Republicans and several prominent conservative advocacy groups. It aims to provide a rallying cry for Republicans who oppose DEI programs, which have become a contentious issue in recent years. The bill targets federal contractors, which employ up to a fifth of the American workforce and could potentially wipe out DEI from large swaths of the US economy without directly outlawing the practice in private institutions.

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The bill also targets accreditation agencies, preventing them from requiring DEI in schools and mandating diversity requirements for corporate boards. This provision could remove a key driver of DEI programs in professional schools, such as law and medical schools, where accreditation guidelines have led to the implementation of courses on critical race theory and health equity.

Vance meanwhile has dismissed suggestions that he is auditioning to become former President Trump’s running mate in the upcoming election through the crafting of the legislation, despite his name constantly popping up in talks about the former president’s real-life The Apprentice. Vance said that while he would serve if asked, he is not lobbying for the position and believes the decision ultimately lies with Trump.

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