Harvard University Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Antisemitism

A group of Jewish students has filed a complaint accusing Harvard University of fostering an environment of widespread antisemitism on its campus. The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday night, alleges that Harvard has selectively enforced its anti-discrimination policies, leaving Jewish students vulnerable to harassment.

The complaint contends that the university has ignored pleas for protection from Jewish students, hired professors who support anti-Jewish violence, and allowed the spread of antisemitic propaganda. The plaintiffs argue that Harvard’s actions violate federal civil rights law, specifically prohibiting discrimination.

The legal action comes just eight days after the resignation of Harvard president Claudine Gay, who faced criticism for her handling of antisemitism following the October 7, 2023, attack on Israel by Hamas. The complaint also references plagiarism allegations against Gay.

Harvard University has yet to respond to the allegations, and its silence has raised questions about the institution’s commitment to addressing the concerns raised in the lawsuit. The accusations against Harvard mirror similar legal battles at other prestigious institutions, including New York University and the University of California, Berkeley.

The complainants, including Alexander Kestenbaum, a master’s degree candidate at Harvard Divinity School, and five unnamed students from Harvard’s law and public health schools, assert that the university’s bias extends to admissions. They claim a 60% decline in the number of Jewish students, paralleling historical quotas from a century ago.

The filing also highlights an incident where over 30 student groups at Harvard signed a petition blaming Israel the day after the Hamas attack. According to the complaint, the university took a day to respond, offering what the plaintiffs described as “platitudes,” without condemning the petition or expressing support for Jewish students.

The complaint calls for the suspension or expulsion of students engaging in antisemitism and the return of donations tied to the hiring of professors who support antisemitic views or promote an antisemitic curriculum. Additionally, the students are seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

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