Homeownership Feels Out of Reach for Many Canadians

A new CIBC survey reveals that 76% of Canadians who don’t own a home feel that buying a property is unattainable. The poll shows that the majority of non-homeowners are struggling to save for a down payment, with 63% citing this as a major barrier.

The survey comes as the federal government announced measures to help first-time buyers. Starting April 16, the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from RRSPs for a home purchase will increase from $35,000 to $60,000. Additionally, first-time buyers of new-build homes will be able to secure 30-year amortization periods on insured mortgages.

However, the CIBC poll suggests these steps may not be enough to address the affordability crisis. Over 70% of non-owners said they were priced out of the market entirely.

The survey also found that high interest rates are taking a toll on existing homeowners. Half of those with variable-rate mortgages have been cutting back on expenses, while 45% of fixed-rate mortgage holders anticipate similar cutbacks when their loans come up for renewal.

With the path to homeownership appearing increasingly difficult, the poll found that 55% of non-owners are relying on family support, such as inheritances or gifts, to afford a home. One in four are even considering buying with friends to make it work.

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