HP Will Let You Rent A Printer So You’ll Stop Hating Them So Much — But Will It?

HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) thinks it’s found a way to make everyday consumers hate owning a printer a little less. The company announced a rental service that provides users access to one of three printer models and automatic ink replenishment for a monthly fee.

The company’s goal is to provide an “all-inclusive, flexible and convenient service” with the HP All-In Plans. It’s their response to people complaining about the struggles of owning a printer.

“Well, we hear you, and we have a solution. Say goodbye to your tech troubles and hello to hassle-free printing without ever having to buy a printer or cartridge again,” HP says.

Source: HP

The subscription fees range from $6.99 to $35.99 per month, depending on the printer model and the number of pages included. The entry-level plan offers an HP Envy printer and 20 pages per month, while the highest tier includes an HP OfficeJet Pro and 700 pages. Going over the allocation will cost subscribers extra, while unused allocation rolls over to the next month.

The company also commits to delivering ink before it runs out and 24/7 support — except for repairs and part replacements. But they do promise to replace a faulty printer they can’t fix via support on the next business day. 

It sounds almost promising, except there are a few red flags that users should probably be wary of. First off, the service obliges users to avoid non-HP products and other HP products that are purchased outside of the subscription. 

Then there’s the fact that users should keep the printer online to allow remote monitoring by the printer’s owner, i.e. HP. This lets them track ink levels, page counts, and prevents unauthorized use. However, this also raises concerns about privacy and security, as HP’s terms stipulate the company can monitor a wide range of data related to printing activities. To make it a bit more worrying, the All-In Plan’s privacy policy allows for the sharing of non-personal data with advertising partners.

“Subject to the terms of this Agreement, You hereby grant to HP a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right to use, copy, store, transmit, modify, create derivative works of and display Your non-personal data for its business purposes,” it reads.

Additionally, the subscription model sort of enforces a two-year commitment by charging hefty cancellation fees to those who want to terminate earlier: $120 (Envy), $180 (Envy Inspire), or $270 (OfficeJet Pro) plus applicable taxes if a user terminates the subscription within the first year, and $60 (Envy), $90 (Envy Inspire), or $135 (OfficeJet Pro) plus applicable taxes if it’s terminated within the second year. 

With the retail prices of the printers going from $129 to over $220, this means that rental charges could actually end up costing users more than just buying their own printer and ink. So, maybe needless to say, the jury’s still out on whether the service will actually make people hate their printers a little less.

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