Ionic Brands Enhances Product Lineup with Targeted Experiences

This morning, Ionic Brands (CSE: IONC) announced a new strategy to better convey to consumers the effects that their product will have on their current mood. Traditionally, cannabis strains have been identified by the feeling that the user experiences – whether this be focused after consuming a sativa based strain, or calm and laid back after utilizing an indica variety.

To better assist consumers in understanding what effects Ionic’s products will have on their emotions, Ionic has rolled out product formulations focused on the desired experience each user is after. These three experiences – SOCIAL, based on a hybrid strain, RELAX, based on an indica strain, and FOCUS, based on a sativa, will be combined with Ionic’s already existing product.

Ionic Brands Rebranded Product
Ionic Brands Rebranded Product

The end result of this change, is that Ionic’s six product lines will now combined offer eighteen different options for the end user – generating brand loyalty while targeting the exact experience each consumer is after.

“We believe adding mood enhancements to our products is one of the reasons we are a Top 10 Brand and have maintained such brand recognition since our inception. Our trusted luxury products use only the highest quality materials available which we carefully source to consistently deliver remarkable product experiences.”

John Gorst, CEO, Ionic Brands

Each mood offering will be an option among the current product lines currently in place by Ionic Brands, including Ionic Black, Black 50/50, Ionic White, White 50/50, Cask Oil and Ionic Pure. A timeline was not given for product availability, however it is anticipated to be in the near term.

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