Iran Reports Warship ‘Incident’: Sahand Frigate Capsizes, Crew Injured

An Iranian warship capsized at the port of Bandar Abbas on Sunday, resulting in multiple hospitalizations, according to state media reports. The incident involved the Sahand, a domestically produced Moudge-class frigate, which lost balance and partially sank while undergoing repairs.

Initial reports from the Mehr News Agency attributed the mishap to a “technical failure.” Later, the Islamic Republic News Agency cited military sources saying that water had leaked into the ship’s tanks, causing it to overturn. The military claimed the vessel subsequently “returned to balance.”

Images released by state media and circulating on social media platforms show the Sahand listing heavily alongside docked merchant ships. The extent of damage to the vessel remains unclear.

Launched in 2018, the Sahand is reportedly equipped with advanced weaponry, including torpedoes, cruise missiles, and anti-air munitions. It shares its name with a previous Iranian ship destroyed by the US Navy in 1988 during Operation Praying Mantis.

This incident adds to a series of naval mishaps for Iran in recent years. Notable events include a 2020 friendly fire incident, the sinking of the Kharg in 2021, and the capsizing of another frigate at a dry dock later that year.

While reporting on the Sahand incident, Iranian state media drew a parallel to a 2022 event involving the USS The Sullivans. However, it’s worth noting that The Sullivans is a decommissioned museum ship, which experienced a hull breach but was subsequently repaired and reopened to visitors.

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