Is MrBeast Going to be YouTube’s New CEO?

Shortly after YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced her resignation from the video platform, famed influencer Jimmy Donaldson, AKA MrBeast, is putting himself up to the task of potentially becoming the company’s next leader.

Wojcicki, 54, who spent 25 years at YouTube with nine of them being the platform’s CEO, said on Thursday she’s stepping down from her role to focus on family, health, and other personal ambitions. “The time is right for me, and I feel able to do this because we have an incredible leadership team in place at YouTube,” she explained, Her position will to be filled by YouTube’s chief product officer Neil Mohan in the interim.

However, YouTube’s most-subscribed content creator, MrBeast, suggested he’s willing to fill Wojcicki’s role. The 24 year-old YouTuber responded to a tweet announcing Wojcicki’s departure with: “Can I be CEO.”

His response was met with support from followers, who said they would back him if he actually was serious about taking on the role. Others pointed out that the task might be too much for him, because he’s already destined to take on the CEO role of Twitter should Elon Musk abdicate the position in the event of a morbid situation.

MrBeast is YouTube’s most-subscribed content creator, rising to fame over his viral challenging feats such as reading an entire dictionary and counting from zero to 100,000 for 40 hours, as well as his philanthropic generosity, where he donates money or commits acts of kindness that’s then used as content for his videos.

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