Israel Appears To Lose Support Of Biden As Weapons Withheld Over Rafah

Israel may be in the process of losing a key ally in the United States, with it being reported that US President Joe Biden has withheld certain weapons from the nation just as they were set to be transported.

In a recent interview with CNN, President Biden stated that the U.S. would not supply Israel with offensive weapons that could be used for an all-out assault on Rafah, citing concerns for the well-being of over a million civilians sheltering in the area. This decision underscores a shift in the U.S.’s approach, focusing on defensive support through supplies like Iron Dome rocket interceptors, while withholding heavier munitions that could be used in dense urban combat.

The pause in military aid includes withholding a shipment that was to consist of large-scale munitions, specifically 1,800 2,000-pound bombs and 1,700 500-pound bombs. This decision aligns with wider concerns about the potential for significant civilian casualties and the broader implications of such military actions. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed the delay of this high-payload munitions shipment and mentioned ongoing reviews of near-term security assistance in light of the situation in Rafah.

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This development follows historical patterns where U.S. administrations have occasionally adjusted military aid to influence Israeli military strategies, reflecting broader U.S. strategic and humanitarian interests.

This move has sparked a range of reactions, from support among some U.S. lawmakers who advocate for more restrained military support to Israel, to criticism from others who argue that such pauses might undermine Israel’s security capabilities in critical times.

Moreover, Biden’s approach also includes a forthcoming formal assessment of whether actions in Gaza have violated international and U.S. laws aimed at protecting civilians during conflicts. The outcome of this assessment could potentially influence future U.S. military aid and diplomatic relations with Israel.

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