Israel Issues 48-Hour Ultimatum On Lebanon

In a significant development, Israel has reportedly issued a “48-Hour Ultimatum” to the Lebanese Government and Military, urging them to commence negotiations on an agreement to return Hezbollah to positions stipulated by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701.

Failing compliance, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) stand poised to launch a military operation targeting Hezbollah infrastructure in Southern Lebanon up to the Litani River.

The ultimatum comes in the wake of heightened violence along the Israel-Lebanon border, characterized by Hezbollah’s deployment of explosive drones and missiles aimed at Israeli positions. Retaliatory Israeli airstrikes have, in turn, shaken towns and villages in south Lebanon, with the town of Aitaroun witnessing the destruction of five homes, as reported by local official Ali Hijazi.

Hijazi noted, “Divine intervention prevented anyone being martyred. Three women and two men were wounded.” Senior Hezbollah politician Hassan Fadlallah, speaking to Reuters, labeled Israeli airstrikes as a “new escalation,” asserting that the group would respond with novel types of attacks, both in terms of weaponry and targeted sites.

The Israeli army reported “suspicious aerial targets” crossing from Lebanon, resulting in two interceptions. Two Israeli soldiers sustained moderate injuries, while others suffered light injuries from shrapnel and smoke inhalation. Israeli fighter jets conducted a series of extensive strikes on Hezbollah targets in Lebanese territory, prompting sirens at various locations along the border.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, amid the escalating conflict, cautioned that Beirut could face a fate similar to Gaza if Hezbollah initiated an all-out war. The ongoing hostilities between Israel and the Iran-backed Hezbollah have intensified since the eruption of the Gaza war two months ago, marking their most significant clashes since the 2006 conflict.

Hezbollah maintains that its attacks aim to support Palestinians in Gaza, where Israel has reportedly claimed nearly 18,000 lives in the past two months, predominantly women and children. UNIFIL, the UN peacekeeping force in south Lebanon, expressed concern, stating, “the potential for a miscalculation that could trigger a wider conflict is increasing.”

Hezbollah announced several attacks on Sunday, including the launch of explosive drones near Ya’ara and the firing of Burkan (Volcano) missiles with significant explosive payloads. Israeli airstrikes were reported in the vicinity of the Lebanese village of Yaroun, causing damage to houses, shops, and a school in the nearby village of Rmeich, according to Toni Elias, a priest in Rmeich.

The violence at the border has claimed over 120 lives in Lebanon, including 85 Hezbollah fighters and 16 civilians, while in Israel, seven soldiers and four civilians have lost their lives. As tensions escalate, the international community watches with growing concern over the potential for a broader conflict in the volatile region.

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