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Justin Trudeau Tries to Criticize Italy On LGBTQ+ Rights, Gets Snubbed by Premier Giorgia Meloni

Justin Trudeau Tries to Criticize Italy On LGBTQ+ Rights, Gets Snubbed by Premier Giorgia Meloni

Hermina Paull

Friday, May 26 2023, 06:15:00:AM

At the recent G7 Summit hosted in Hiroshima, Japan, a rather awkward interaction unfolded between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni, a far-right political leader.

The G7 Summit brings together leaders from seven of the world's leading industrialized nations, providing a platform for the discussion of international matters. On this occasion, Trudeau took the opportunity to express concern about the Italian government's stance on LGBTQ+ rights.

The criticism was directed towards Meloni publicly before the two leaders embarked on their private, bilateral discussions during the summit. Trudeau stated that Canada found Italy's position on LGBT rights concerning and he was eager to discuss this issue with the Italian Premier.

The basis for Trudeau's concern was a directive from Meloni's government earlier in the year. The controversial mandate advised city halls to stop the practice of automatically registering a child's two caregivers in same-sex couples. Instead, the new policy limits recognition of parental rights to only the biological parent. This move was widely criticized, especially by gay rights activists, who staged rallies denouncing the decision as homophobic.

However, the reaction from Meloni to Trudeau's remarks was dismissive. She appeared visibly irritated during Trudeau's statement, silently listening and twiddling her thumbs. Following Trudeau's statement, which was reiterated in French, the camera operators were asked to leave the room, indicating the beginning of their private conversation.

When later queried about Trudeau's remarks, Meloni responded by accusing the Canadian Prime Minister of being a "victim" of "fake news" and propaganda. She asserted that his assessment of the situation was a misrepresentation, claiming it "doesn't correspond to reality."

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