McDonald’s to Unveil McPlant Burger Across 8 US Restaurants

McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) has announced it will begin testing its McPlant burger across several US restaurants next month, marking the first step of potentially introducing a plant-based burger patty to its menu.

According to a company statement, McDonald’s will begin offering its Beyond Meat plant-based burger at 8 select restaurants across the US starting November 3 for a limited time. The plant-based patty will be comprised of peas, potatoes, and rice, and the burger will be served with a slice of American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and mayonnaise, and will be prepared using the same utensils as the fast food chain’s regular beef patty.

The limited time menu item will allow McDonald’s to better gauge consumers’ attitudes on the incorporation of plant-based products into the restaurant’s main menu, as well as help McDonald’s better understand the potential implications of a plant-based burger on its operations. The fast-food company has already introduced the McPlant burger in other markets, including the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, and Austria.

The demand for plant-based alternatives has been rapidly on the rise, as an increasing number of consumers opt for more health conscious and environmentally-friendly diet options. However, despite the potential optimistic welcoming by consumers, plant-based meat does create higher costs for restaurants— which could become problematic for McDonald’s given ongoing labour shortages across the US.

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