Montana State Court Rules in Favor of Youth Plaintiffs in Landmark Climate Case

In a groundbreaking legal victory, a Montana state court has ruled in favor of young plaintiffs who claimed that the state’s promotion of fossil fuels violated their right to a “clean and healthful environment.” 

The court declared a provision in the Montana Environmental Policy Act unconstitutional, stating that it harmed both the environment and the young plaintiffs by obstructing the consideration of climate impacts of energy projects.

The case, brought by Our Children’s Trust on behalf of 16 young Montanans aged 5 to 22, marks the nation’s first constitutional and youth-led climate lawsuit to go to trial. The decision represents a significant win for climate activists and could potentially spark a wave of similar cases aimed at addressing climate change through legal means.

Experts describe this ruling as one of the strongest decisions on climate change ever issued by a court, which may invigorate the environmental movement and inspire similar legal actions. 

However, the state’s Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, intends to appeal the ruling to the Montana Supreme Court, arguing that the court’s decision is “absurd” and unfair to Montanans.

Youth-led climate lawsuits in the United States have faced challenges, with many cases dismissed. However, the Montana case found success due in part to the state constitution’s guarantee of a “clean and healthful environment.” The plaintiffs focused on this constitutional right during the trial, providing emotional testimony about the impacts of climate change on their lives.

The court’s decision has implications beyond Montana. Legal experts suggest that this victory could influence judges in other states to take a more assertive approach to addressing climate change issues. 

Our Children’s Trust, the nonprofit law firm representing the plaintiffs, has similar cases pending in multiple states, with a case against the Hawaii Department of Transportation scheduled for trial in 2024.

This ruling comes at a time when climate change litigation is gaining momentum worldwide, with increasing numbers of cases being brought by diverse groups, including youths, women’s organizations, Indigenous communities, and local groups. 

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While the Montana case faces further legal proceedings, its significance resonates as a milestone in the fight against climate change, potentially inspiring other young activists to seek justice through the legal system and secure a more sustainable future.

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