Montana Wants To Ban The Vaccinated, People With Long COVID-19 From Donating Blood

A Montana state legislator filed a bill that aims to prohibit people vaccinated for COVID-19 to be able to donate blood, making the act a misdemeanor with a maximum $500 fine.

State Rep. Greg Kmetz’s bill has the short title “Prohibit donations of certain blood and blood products,” proposing a ban on blood donation from people who were treated with the COVID-19 vaccine or those who suffer from so-called long COVID-19.

“A person may not knowingly donate whole blood, plasma, blood products, blood derivatives, human tissue, organs, or bones containing gene-altering proteins, nanoparticles, high-count spike proteins from long COVID-19, or other isolates introduced by mRNA or DNA vaccines, mRNA or DNA chemotherapies, or other novel mRNA or DNA pharmaceutical biotechnologies,” the proposed bill read.

Long COVID-19 syndrome, also known as post-COVID-19 syndrome, is characterized by a variety of new, returning, or persistent symptoms that occur more than four weeks after receiving COVID-19. Post-COVID-19 syndrome can persist months or years in some persons and cause disability.

The bill also proposes to prohibit use, receive, accept, ship, transfer, or administer blood known to have been from someone in a similar situation.

New sections introduced by the bill to state law also provide to exempt “screening or testing” as part of the acts that can constitute discrimination based on vaccination status or the possession of immunity passport. A blood bank may also now be held liable “in the absence of fault or negligence for injuries” if the blood products it used weren’t screened and later discovered to contain spike proteins from vaccines.

Kmetz described the bill, which was formally submitted on Feb. 17, as “slightly controversial to say the least” near the end of a lengthy Facebook post titled “Week 8 Diary.”

“I was the bill sponsor and carried it, but the true sponsor was Dr. Christy Drivdahl from Miles City,” Kmetz wrote. “Dr. Drivdahl was suspicious of the trillion plus dollar program to vaccinate the whole earth for a disease that had over a 99% survival rate. She refused to buy into it from day one, and neither did I.”

Kmetz relayed that Dr. Drivdahl “noticed huge jumps in myocarditis cases in the young.”

“She had never seen that before and started asking the famous question… have you been vaccinated?” the state rep added. “She saw cancers take off like they were jackrabbits and again asked if they had been vaccinated, as she saw a correlation.”

Dr. Joe McArdle, a senior researcher at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, believes that such a law that Kmetz proposes cannot exist, noting that the bill is a “big waste of time and money.”

“No traces of mRNA actually remain in the blood after 3 weeks, so the whole thing is pointless. Also, all biologics authority in the US falls under the FDA, so once again,” he wrote.

It is noteworthy that Kmetz background is a bachelor’s degree in industrial education from the University of Wyoming. While his bill is lodged in the Health and Human Services Committee of the state congress, he is not a member of the committee.

The committee voted to table the bill in a 19-1 vote.

As of December 2022, the state of Montana has 69.64% of its population vaccinated with at least one dose while 60.41% is fully vaccinated.

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