MustGrow Biologics Isolates Third Molecule From Mustard Plant

MustGrow Biologics (CSE: MGRO) continues to conduct research on the mustard plant and extract different molecules. The firm this morning announced that it has now isolated and concentrated thiocyanate, the third such molecule to be extracted from the plant.

Thiocyanate is reponsible for the systemic activity behind the mustard plants natural herbicidal properties. In layman terms, the molecule works to kill weeds, with the company having previously demonstrated proof of concept success without isolating the molecule. Those prior studies will now be built upon following the isolation of this molecule.

The extract reportedly has the potential of being a natural organic non-selective bioherbicide that is soil active and contains systemic translocated properties. As per the company, this is significant as “given that the leading synthetic herbicide glyphosate is not soil active, and only acts on the above ground parts of the weed it contacts.” The result is that it could either replace or compliment the use of glyphosate while being a natural and organic solution.

The company is now in the process of greenhouse testing the extract both on a stand-alone basis as well as in combination with the firms TerraMG product. The former is a non-selective bioherbicide, while the latter is a biopesticide used to control disease and pests.

MustGrow Biologics last traded at $1.95 on the CSE.

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