MustGrow Study Reveals 96.1% Disease Control Of Clubroot Via Greenhouse Tests With TerraMG

MustGrow Biologics (CSE: MGRO) this morning released results from its successful greenhouse soil test results from testing its mustard-derived biopesticide tech on clubroot spores. The results have confirmed that the formulation is capable of disease control for clubroot resting spores within soils with an efficacy of 96.1% at an application rate of 0.5 gallons per acre.

A series of tests were conducted in regards to different application rates to determine the efficacy of the product. The study found that up to 98.5% disease control was possible at an application rate of 10 gallons per acre, however, the results of 96.1% disease control at 0.5 gallons per acre is much more significant from an economic feasibility standpoint. A total of five different application rates ranging from 0.5 gal/acre to 10 gal/acre proved disease control within the study.

The study was conducted by Discovery Seed Labs Ltd, a third party testing facility. Testing involved planting occurring seven days after soil treatment, with the roots then assessed seven weeks after planting.

“It is great to see that TerraMG continued to perform in the latest round of tests. With this new data we now plan on continuing the Clubroot work to the final field testing stage to potentially provide a valuable crop-protection tool for farmers. I am very hopeful that we can potentially have a key piece of the package to help growers manage this disease.”

Colin Bletsky, COO of MustGrow Biologics

Clubroot disease is a rapidly spreading pathogen that causes swelling or galls to form on the root of canola plants which can lead to premature death of the plant. No economical control measures currently exist for the disease, which is estimated to devastate approximately $500 million worth of canola crops annually.

MustGrow is currently planting to advance to larger scale field tests for the efficacy of its mustard-derived technology against clubroot disease in 2021.

MustGrow Biologics last traded at $0.44 on the CSE.

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