MustGrow’s Liquid Formulation To Undergo Additional Product Testing

MustGrow Biologics Corp (CSE: MGRO) is furthering its product development initiatives related to its proposed liquid formulation product. The product, which is undergoing testing as both a biopesticide and a bioherbicide, has been produced in a large batch as a means for further testing and generation of efficacy data by an independent third party.

The independent third party research facilities will use this batch to drive further efficacy data on the liquid formulations effectiveness against soil-borne pests and diseases as well as certain hard to kill weeds.

The product, which is based on the firms already registered granule product, is utilizing the firms mustard-derived technology to provide an alternative to unnatural, synthetic methods of pest and weed control. The technology has shown efficacious benefits similar to that of these synthetic methods, without the harmful safety concerns of such products.

The liquid formulation variant of the product, while still undergoing testing, is leveraging the firms registration of its granular product to obtain registration for the liquid format of the product. The granule formulation has already been approved as biopesticide by the the EPA and Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency for use on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and turf. The benefit of a liquid formulation is that it can be used within both liquid drip applications as well as via spraying equipment.

Initial testing has shown that the product has achieved greater than 95% control of soil-borne pests and diseases at application rates between 2.5 and 5.0 gallons per acre. Such low concentrations is believed to make the product economically feasible as a biopesticide for a number of high value crops such as fruits and vegetables. Further testing from this large batch, which will be conducted by an independent third party, will be used to further the effort of receiving registration for the product.

Testing of the product as a bioherbicide will also occur, with the research facility testing the product against two hard to kill weeds. Previous testing has shown effective results just 72 hours after initial application, with the product controlling the plant from the root up.

MustGrow Biologics last traded at $0.65 on the CSE.

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