‘My Reputation Is Not For Sale’ Says Anthony Pompliano, As He Scraps All Crypto Advertising On Podcasts, YouTube Videos

Anthony Pompliano, the self-proclaimed entrepreneur and crypto cheerleader who has made millions of dollars by pumping crypto businesses such as FTX and BlockFi on his Youtube and social media accounts, is sheepishly pulling back the reins on advertising, because his “reputation is not for sale.”

Although we can certainly contend whether he even had a reputation in the first place by merely scrolling through some cringy “high quality content,” the Bitcoin evangelic began his twitter video with some self-admiration for all the fools followers he’s garnered for his pump-and-dump scheme, before announcing that all advertisers on his audio podcasts and Youtube videos will be pulled effective January 2023.

Acknowledging that he has worked with “companies that ended up doing bad things”— we’re presuming he’s is referring to Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX ponzi scheme— Pompliano has “come to the conclusion over the last couple of weeks that [he] just didn’t want to be involved in those potential risks.”

The entrepreneur insinuated that his reputation is far more valuable than making easy money from advertising, and as a result he is “completely blowing up the business and bringing revenue to zero.” Pompliano, who runs The Pomp Letter and armed with a confidence level of 75% infamously declared that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 by December 2021, said he will personally fund his employees “at a loss for as long as it takes.”

Pompliano then enthusiastically quipped about his excitement to finally be able to do what he wants to do, without having to answer to anyone (indeed, it would be pretty hard to run an advertising campaign for FTX given that SBF is currently on house arrest, but we digress). “That’s this ultimate freedom that I’m super excited about,” he told his followers.

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