UPDATED: Object Shot Down Over Lake Huron By U.S. Military

UPDATE: The object has been shot down by the U.S., with the Pentagon stating that it was taken out due to the potential of having “surveillance capability.” The object is said to have flown close to several highly-sensitive defense sites in Montana. The object was taken out within the boundaries of U.S. airspace.

The Pentagon is expected to hold a press conference on the matter shortly.

UPDATE: Canada has now issued a no-fly notice over Lake Huron as NORAD appears to continue to track an object that was previously found to be over Lake Michigan. The notice was issued in related to an “active air defence operation.”

UPDATE: The temporary restrictions that were put in place over Lake Michigan have now been cancelled. US Air Force aircraft however remain in the area, with a US Coast Guard helicopter headed north out of Traverse City, Michigan currently.

Fox News correspondent Lucas Tomlinson meanwhile is reporting that the no-fly zone was originally issued after the U.S. military examined a “potential contact,” that has since been deemed to not be a threat.

Further details are not yet available, with NORAD stating very little on the matter in an official tweet put out by the agency in response to the event.

In a follow-up to events that transpired last night over Montana, the United States has now closed airspace over Lake Michigan via a NOTAM stating “national defense airspace.”

The notice was launched several minutes ago, with a USAF KC-135R appearing on flight radar near to the region where the notice has been issued. The advisory is said to be in place until further notice.

Montana Governor Matt Rosendale meanwhile has stated that he is in “constant communication with NORCOM,” and has indicated that they have confidence that there is an object, and it is not believed to be an anomaly. Current trade winds are believed to have pushed the object due east from Montana overnight.

Shootdown over Canada

The Globe and Mail meanwhile has reported that the object shot down over the Yukon yesterday is “believed to be a surveillance balloon of Chinese or Russian origin, as per an unnamed government official who was not authorized to speak on the matter.

In speaking during a live briefing with reports on Saturday, Defence Minister Anita Anand has suggested the object was a balloon, but at the time refused to confirm that as a fact. “From all indications, this object is potentially similar to the one that was shot down off the coast of North Carolina, though smaller in size and cylindrical in nature,” she is quoted as stating.

It is currently being reported as well that the Federal Bureau of Investigations has been called up to assist with the investigation of the object that was downed, although this has not been independently confirmed.

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