NVIDIA Shares Surge On Google Team Up, 265% Revenue Jump

NVIDIA’s (Nasdaq: NVDA) shares have surged by over 15% to reach $776.47. This significant increase positions the chip company to surpass Amazon and Google parent Alphabet, potentially securing its position as the third most valuable US-listed company, trailing only behind Microsoft and Apple.

The surge comes as Google teams up with NVIDIA to enhance its latest language model, Gemma, and the release of earnings after the market close last night. This follows Microsoft announcing a departure from NVIDIA GPUs.

Gemma, developed by Google, introduces a paradigm shift in language models with its capabilities packed into smaller sizes, boasting versions with 2 billion and 7 billion parameters, a departure from traditional large language models (LLMs).

The collaboration between Google and NVIDIA focuses on refining Gemma’s accessibility and performance, with an ambitious target of optimizing it for over 100 million NVIDIA RTX GPUs globally. This optimization extends to cloud platforms featuring H100 GPUs and the forthcoming H200 GPUs.

NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise suite, which includes tools like the NeMo framework and TensorRT-LLM, empowers developers to customize and deploy Gemma for specific use cases, further amplifying its utility and reach.

End-users will benefit from this collaboration as they gain the ability to interact with Gemma through platforms like the NVIDIA AI Playground and the upcoming Chat with RTX demo. These interfaces enable the creation of personalized chatbots, leveraging individual data for tailored experiences.

The announcement coincides with the chip manufacturer’s earnings release, which stunned the market with a surge in its quarterly revenues, soaring by 265% to an unprecedented $22.1 billion and exceeding Wall Street’s expectations.

Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s CEO, attributed this extraordinary surge to the company’s focus on accelerated computing and generative AI.

“Every company is built on their proprietary business intelligence and, in the future, their proprietary generative AI,” Huang added. “Now every industry is on board.”

Earnings per share also surpassed analyst estimates, reaching an impressive $4.93, with net income experiencing an astounding 770% rise to $12.3 billion. This remarkable financial performance reflects Nvidia’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

A significant driver of Nvidia’s sales is its data center division, which generated a substantial $18.4 billion in revenue, while gaming chips contributed $2.9 billion. However, investors remain vigilant, scrutinizing Nvidia’s ability to sustain growth amidst fierce competition and the introduction of new products like the B100 AI chip.

Nvidia’s dominance in AI computing was further underscored by its chips becoming industry standards for AI development. While big tech companies currently account for nearly 40% of Nvidia’s revenues, the company is diversifying its portfolio as more industries invest in AI hardware.

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