Oliver Anthony, Singer of Rich Men North of Richmond, Blasts Use Of His Song For Politics

Oliver Anthony has spoken out, and he’s aggravated.

The singer of “Rich Men North of Richmond,” a song which has been streamed over 17.5 million times in the US and hit the number 1 spot on the Billboard 100, topping stars such as Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen, is speaking out against his use by conservatives in the US, particularly in the recent GOP debate.

“It’s aggravating seeing people on conservative news try to identify with me like I’m one of them. It’s aggravating seeing certain musicians and politicians act like we’re buddies and act like we’re fighting the same struggle here,” commented Anthony in a recent video he released.

“It seems like certain people want to just ride the attention of this song to maybe make them own selves relevant, and that’s aggravating as hell.”

“The other thing that I find aggravating, is uh, well. [..] It was funny seeing it at the presidential debate ’cause it’s like I wrote that song about those people, you know, so for them to have to sit there and listen to that, uh, that cracks me up,” he continued with a chuckle.

“But it was funny kinda seeing the response, like that song has nothing to do with Joe Biden, you know. It’s a lot bigger than Joe Biden. That song is written about the people on that stage. And a lot more too, not just them, but definitely them.”

In an X post (fka Twitter), Anthony also reiterated that he doesn’t support either side, and instead supports those that support people and focus on restoring local communities.

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