Paper Airplanes of Diplomacy: New York Artists Call for No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine, Launch Paper Airplanes at Guggenheim Museum

Visitors to New York’s Guggenheim Museum were unexpectedly met with a shower of paper airplanes over the weekend, which were part of an impromptu campaign organized by artists and activists calling for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

On the afternoon of March 5, spectators looking to ponder artwork were treated to a surprise programming that was not part of the Guggenheim’s exhibit. Hundreds of paper airplanes— 350 of them to be exact, were sent gliding from atop the museum’s rotunda, by 15 artists and activists calling attention to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Visitors who unfolded the airplanes were met with a flyer calling on President Joe Biden and NATO to declare a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

“This jet is made of paper … But what if it were steel … And carried bombs over the heads of the ones you love,” the flyers read, once blanketing the floor of the Guggenheim. So far, US-led NATO has declined Ukraine’s request for a no-fly zone over the country, as it would require NATO air forces to shoot down Russian jets overtop Ukraine, which could potentially spill over into a major war.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky previously called on NATO to enforce a no-fly zone over the country, but his requests have thus far been rejected, as the military alliance fears such an intervention would drag more countries into the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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