PlayStation Is Removing Movies and TV Shows Users Have Already Paid For

Sony (TYO: 6758) is set to delete hundreds of Discovery titles PlayStation users have already paid for.

The company issued a legal notice that includes the list of all the titles that will be removed from user’s libraries on December 31. Sony simply said that the move is “due to our content licensing arrangements with content providers.”

It also signals the end of an era. For a while now, users have switched from renting or buying their movies and TV shows online to subscription-based streaming services.

The company previously halted the sale of movies and TV shows on the PlayStation store in August 2021. At the time, Sony said that it saw “tremendous growth from PlayStation fans using subscription-based and ad-based entertainment streaming services.”

But since users have long ago paid for ‘ownership’ of these titles, many are expressing frustration over losing access to content they had assumed would remain permanently available. Especially since Sony has not offered any sort of refund or compensation, or even a way to save previously purchased content, or, for that matter, ample time to rewatch them.

But PlayStation Store and PlayStation Network’s terms and conditions — the part everyone agrees to but no one really reads — of course has ample coverage of this issue. Forbes notes condition 15.5.1 of PlayStation Store rules: “You can use a Product in the ways described in the license, but do not own the product.”

It’s also unclear if this is happening because Sony doesn’t want to keep paying Discovery’s new owner Warner Bros for access to its content, or if Warner Bros just doesn’t want to give Sony access anymore.

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