Psyched Wellness Commences 90-Day Toxicity Study Of AME-1

Psyched Wellness (CSE: PSYC) continues to progress on its preclinical studies for its novel mushroom extract formulation. The company this morning announced that it has begun on the latest preclinical study, which focuses on oral toxicity.

Research on the formulation, which is an extract of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom and referred to as AME-1, is being conducted by the firms contract research organization, KGK Science. The firm is now focused on a 90 day toxicity study as it works to receive pre-clinical approvals for its novel formulation.

The new study follows a 14-day toxicity study previously conducted, and will be performed on rodents. Test subjects are to receive a repeated dose of the extract over the test period. The study will look to identify anatomical responses from exposure over time, and cover maturation and growth into adulthood of the subjects to provide data on major toxic effects, accumulation of the test chemical, indicate the target organs, and finally provide an estimate of a no-observed-adverse-effect level, also known as NOAEL. The data will then be used to select dosage levels and esablish safety criteria for human exposure.

“The data from these studies will provide Psyched with the foundational knowledge from which all of our consumer products will be derived. This is a very exciting time for the Company, as we look forward to sharing the data from these studies in the near future and continuing to execute on our near- and long-term business objectives.”

Jeff Stevens, CEO

Psyched Wellness last traded at $0.205 on the CSE.

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