Reddit Bans Group Organizing Protests Against ‘Uncontrolled Immigration’ In Canada

A self-described non-partisan group of Canadians organizing protests calling to “reclaim our country from the corrupt ruling class and end the uncontrolled immigration” under the subreddit r/takebackcanada has been banned from Reddit (NYSE: RDDT) for violating the rule against promoting hate on the platform.

The organization, which was using the subreddit to discuss, organize, and recruit volunteers for its planned mass multi-city protest on July 1st, claims that it’s not anti-immigration, but instead against “the reckless policies that depress wages, raise the cost of living, create job scarcity, and compromise safety, especially for women,” adding that “these policies strain our healthcare and social services without benefiting Canadians in the long run.”

The Take Back Canada protest coincides with the Cost of Living Protest, another mass multi-city mobilization against “rising rents, inflation, taxes, and irresponsible immigration policy.”

These protests come as the affordability of Canada’s cost of living continues to erode, blamed largely on the Liberal government’s controversial immigration policy. The Conservative Party, which has for a while now been leading in favorability polls, has also used these concerns to drum up support.

Protests against the Liberal government’s immigration policy are being branded as xenophobic, therefore the ban. And while it cannot control comments from other users, the Take Back Canada group takes care to note that the protest is against “irresponsible mass immigration.”

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“We welcome peace-loving immigrants who came here fairly, embracing Canadian values and contributing positively to our society,” the group wrote.

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