Rep. Clarke Introduces Measure to Disclose Use of AI Imagery in Political Ads

Representative Yvette D. Clarke, a Democrat from New York, on Tuesday introduced legislation that targets the use of artificial intelligence in political advertising. 

The measure was triggered by an ad released by the Republican National Committee. There has also been a series of potentially incendiary AI-generated content, including a video of President Joe Biden saying he’s reinstating the draft and sending America’s finest to help Ukraine fight off the Russians, and photos of former president Donald Trump being arrested in New York.

Clarke said the H.R. 3044 or The REAL Political Ads Act, which would require disclosing AI-generated content in political ads, could “get the Congress going on addressing many of the challenges that we’re facing with AI.”

The RNC ad, which attempts to represent the dark future if Biden wins a second term, featuring scenarios such as China attacking Taiwan and immigrants taking over the Southern border, bore a disclaimer on the upper left corner that says “Built entirely with AI imagery.”

“The upcoming 2024 election cycle will be the first time in U.S. history where AI generated content will be used in political ads by campaigns, parties, and Super PACs. Unfortunately, our current laws have not kept pace with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies,” Clarke said in a statement

“If AI-generated content can manipulate and deceive people on a large scale, it can have devastating consequences for our national security and election security. It’s time we sound the alarm, and work to ensure our campaign finance laws keep pace with the innovation of new technologies.” 

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) recently extended the requirement for disclaimers about sponsors to ads appearing on digital media including websites, social media, and streaming sites. If passed, Clarke’s measure would amend the rule to also include disclosure of the use of any AI-generated videos or images in the ad.

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