Revive Therapeutics Sees Research Partnership On Psilocybin Expanded

Revive Therapeutics (CSE: RVV) has expanded its sponsored research partnership agreement with that of the University of Wisconsin-Madison related to the study of psilocybin. The partnership will see Revive and the University evaluate novel formulations and a phase 1 clinical study for the therapeutic application of psilocybin for an addiction use disorder.

Development work conducted by the two parties will be focused on tannin-chitosan composites that take the form of thin films, 3D foams and hydrogels. Included research will be physio-chemical characterization, rate of release of psilocybin from composites and the development of composite formulations. The resulting formulations are to be investigated through both pre-clinical and clinical studies against various diseases and disorders.

Tannin-chitosan thin films have been identified by Revive as the lead candidate for a unique delivery film for 1-20mg therapeutic doses of psilocybin.

"As part of our psychedelic-based pharmaceutical strategy, we are focused on balancing research and development of novel psilocybin-based formulations and clinical research of psilocybin to create a robust product pipeline backed by intellectual property and clinical data with the aim to pursue the FDA regulatory pathway for commercialization. Revive plans to expand its clinical development pipeline with psilocybin for various addiction and dependence disorders."

Additionally, Revive Therapeutics also intends to finalize a sponsorship program for a phase 1 study. The study will be focused on examining psilocybin for the treatment of an as of yet undisclosed addiction use disorder. The study will again be conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Revive Therapeutics last traded at $0.22 on the CSE.

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