Sam Altman Is Already In Discussions To Return To OpenAI

He may be down, but its not quite certain if he’s actually out. The Verge last night reported that Sam Altman may not be entirely out of OpenAi after all. There’s reportedly discussions being held on his “return” to the company, despite hardly being “out” for a mere 24 hours.

The revelation follows the board of directors of OpenAI removing Altman from the role of CEO, as well as from its board, on Friday following a “deliberative review process.”

Altman’s is said to be “ambivalent” about returning to the company, while demanding governance changes if he so chooses to return. His departure is said to have come with no prior notice.

What’s more, it appears there is a power struggle ongoing. The board reportedly agreed to Sam’s return in principle, with their resignations to ensue. Several staff reportedly had sent in notices of resignations as well should Altman not return to the helm, with a 5 PM PST deadline on Saturday set for those resignations to take effect.

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The fate of the company as a whole appears to be teetering, with Greg Brockman, whom was ousted as chairman, resigning from the company following Altman’s sudden departure, and reports of several senior researchers also departing over the sudden changes. Brockman and Altman meanwhile are said to be discussing whether to begin anew with a new company and a new set of investors.

Microsoft, the largest investor in OpenAi, meanwhile was not alerted to the ousting of Altman in advance, or invited to weigh in on the decision.

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