Satellite Images Reveal Venezuela’s Military Build-Up on Guyana Border

Venezuela has heightened tensions along its border with Guyana by deploying military hardware, including tanks, armored carriers, and patrol boats equipped with Iranian-made missiles, in response to Guyana’s decision to commence new oil drilling activities off the coast of Essequibo, a region claimed by Venezuela. The move has reignited fears of armed conflict between the two South American nations.

Satellite imagery obtained by sources shows significant military reinforcement by Venezuela near the disputed border area. Venezuelan tanks and armored carriers have been positioned on Anacoco Island, situated close to the Guyanese border, signaling an escalation in the longstanding territorial dispute.

According to reports, the Venezuelan military has established a base near the de facto annexed Essequiba region of Guyana. The army’s announcement emphasized their commitment to fortifying defense sectors in the disputed area, stating, “We move forward while we interconnect the integral defense sectors of our Guyana Esequiba.”

Imagery captured by Maxar in January reveals extensive activities at Venezuela’s Anacoco Island military base, including the clearing of rainforest areas and the construction of new infrastructure. The presence of armored vehicles and a helicopter on the base indicates Venezuela’s preparedness for potential conflict.

Despite previous assurances from Caracas about pursuing diplomatic avenues to resolve the territorial dispute, the military build-up suggests a shift towards a more assertive stance. Venezuela’s expansion of military operations along the border has raised concerns, particularly after a Venezuelan referendum last year supported creating a Venezuelan state within the disputed region, escalating tensions between the two nations.

The Venezuelan Army’s collaboration with the 11th Armoured Brigade and the 6th Venezuelan Army Corps Engineers highlights the strategic significance attached to the disputed border area. The expansion of the military presence aims to enhance response capabilities and deter any threats to Venezuelan sovereignty, according to official statements.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) first reported the expansion of Venezuelan operations along the disputed border, drawing attention to the growing tension between Venezuela and Guyana. The dispute over the Essequibo region, which constitutes a substantial portion of Guyana’s territory, has intensified following Venezuela’s referendum and subsequent military maneuvers.

In December, both Venezuela and Guyana reached an agreement to de-escalate tensions and resolve the dispute through peaceful means. However, the recent military build-up contradicts the spirit of the agreement, raising doubts about the prospects for a peaceful resolution.

Additional photographs shared on social media depict Venezuelan troops deployed near the border with Guyana, further corroborating the heightened military presence in the region.

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