Scam Or Confusing: Making Sense Of Elon Musk’s X (Twitter) Ad Revenue Payout

X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue) Ads Revenue Sharing payouts have been distributed, albeit delayed, as of last week. Addressing the delay, Eric Farraro, an X engineer, explained that the postponement was a deliberate decision to ensure that all payment processes were meticulously reviewed before execution.

Looking ahead to upcoming phases of the program, Farraro emphasized, “We’ve done payouts to a much smaller number of creators before, but scaling to thousands of creators adds new challenges in terms of engineering, operations, and support. Having completed the initial wave of payouts yesterday, repeating that process is an easier task.”

While many participants in the program have indeed received their payments, certain details concerning the exact calculation methodology and the specific time frame encompassed by these payouts remain unclear, with some observers likening the revenue-sharing mechanism to a scam.

Among the beneficiaries were notable right-wing personalities, such as Ian Miles Cheong, Benny Johnson, and QAnon influencer Jacob Creech, who pocketed substantial amounts. However, not all high-profile conservative accounts were included in the first round of payments, leading to (long posts expressing) a lot of anguish and frustration among those who weren’t included.

“I have half a million followers, I get 200-400 million impressions on my account each month, my videos get millions of views on Twitter, and this is my payout?” asked content creator Laura Loomer.

Evan Jones, an X team member, acknowledged this concern and confirmed that the company is committed to enhancing this aspect of the program.

X’s owner Elon Musk recently shared a post from @Support, unveiling a significant modification to the program’s terms. He noted that the minimum payout threshold has been lowered to $10, and the minimum impressions requirement has been adjusted to 5 million views within three months, compared to the earlier 15 million. This alteration enables subscribers to the enhanced features to reap rewards more rapidly.

“This essentially means that X Premium (fka Twitter Blue) is free for accounts that generate above 5M views,” he said.

In the absence of comprehensive official reports, additional insights have emerged primarily through community efforts to compile available information.

Notably, @xDaily shared a message from an X employee indicating that the latest payout cycle pertained solely to the month of July, a departure from the multi-month period associated with the initial payment round.

Several users have also endeavored to ascertain the value of a view by analyzing the deposits against Twitter’s view analytics. For instance, @teslaboomermama shared a Google spreadsheet outlining her experience of sending out over 2,700 tweets in July, garnering more than 10 million views, and receiving a payment of $698.70. The spreadsheet highlights a decrease in payment per thousand impressions from $0.168 to $0.066, with the potential influence of verification requirements remaining unclear.

Musk’s input clarified that the payouts exclusively reward views originating from verified accounts. This stipulation is in response to concerns about potential abuse from bot and spam accounts, even those that are verified.

This echoes Musk’s post in July, asserting that “only verified users count, as it is otherwise trivial to game the system with bots.”

Responding to various user queries, Musk acknowledged that advertiser preferences could influence payout amounts. He stated, “If you can secure advertisers interested in featuring alongside your content, revenue sharing becomes possible. However, we cannot compel advertisers to participate.”

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of the company, recently spotlighted Sensitivity Settings and Enhanced Blocklist options for advertisers. In an interview with CNBC, Yaccarino also discussed the company’s operational performance, noting their proximity to achieving a break-even point.

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