Seth Green’s Bored Ape NFT, Which Was Set To Star In His New Show, Gets “Kidnapped”

Actor and producer Seth Green fell victim to a phishing scam earlier this month, causing him to lose ownership of four of his NFTs. One of the NFTs was Bored Ape Yacht Club #8398, an IP that was slated to star in a series Green was developing.

Green premiered the trailer of the series, which is called White Horse Tavern, at the VeeCon NFT Convention in Minneapolis last weekend, saying that he “spent the last several months developing and exploiting the IP to make it into the star of this show,” only to have its star “literally kidnapped” just a few days before his world debut.

The NFTs were stolen from his digital wallet after clicking on a phishing link that led to an NFT minting platform, causing the NFT characters, as well as the rights to the commercial use of their IP, to go back on the digital market. An anonymous NFT collector with the handle DarkWing84 then reportedly bought #8398 for US$200,000.

The actor, on a Tweet that shared Buzzfeed’s article on the matter, called out to the stolen NFT’s current owner, saying that he’d rather get in touch and make a deal than handle the matter in court.

As of Wednesday, Green confirmed that they have connected, but hasn’t shared any further details.

This incident was not the only high-profile NFT robbery this month. Earlier this week, scammers hacked into digital artist Beeple’s Twitter account and successfully took US$438K worth of tokens and cryptocurrency from his followers. The hackers impersonated the artist and launched a fake NFT raffle featuring Beeple’s real collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

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