Spencer Schiff, Former Bitcoin Bull, Now Believes AI Is the Answer

Spencer Schiff, known for advocating Bitcoin as the top cryptocurrency, has taken an unexpected turn, becoming bearish on the top cryptocurrency. The son of prominent economist Peter Schiff has shifted his focus to artificial intelligence (AI) innovations, predicting a significant impact on the world — and maybe going a little too all in.

In a series of Twitter responses, Spencer expressed his belief that AI will be the driving force behind innovation. This dramatic change in perspective has led to questions about the influence of his father’s opinions, especially since Spencer was once a vocal critic of Peter Schiff’s skepticism of Bitcoin.

During the last bull run, Spencer strongly defended Bitcoin against his father’s doubts about its sustainability. He even labeled Peter’s concerns as “Bitcoin Derangement Syndrome” and dismissed the idea that Bitcoin could be replaced by altcoins. 

However, now he has distanced himself from the cryptocurrency and asserted that it will have little impact on the world, anticipating its price to decline significantly over the next few years.

The younger Schiff has shifted his attention to AI, believing that it will be the catalyst for an economic boom. 

The 20-year-old investor has been pumping the sector, retweeting updates on OpenAI, GPT-4, and the like, and stuff like “the singularity is near,” and has gone as far as claiming that climate change doesn’t matter because “we’ll be able to precisely control the climate of any planet.”

Although it’s unclear where these claims, which almost sound like AI will solve it all, are stemming from.

Meanwhile, regulatory bodies in the United States are investigating potential risks associated with AI technology. The Federal Trade Commission’s probe into OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, highlights the growing concerns about ethical implications and privacy issues surrounding AI.

The elder Schiff basically shrugged off in response, saying that Bitcoin is a “passing fad” and that his son has simply lost interest and moved on to the next one, which in this case is AI.

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