Swarmio Enters Distribution Agreement Focused On Africa, Latin America, Europe

Swarmio Media (CSE: SWRM) appears to be turning its attention to Africa and Latin America. The firm this morning revealed that it has entered into a revenue share and wholesale distribution arrangement that will see a wholesale provider of telecom products push the firms Ember gaming and esports platform.

The arrangement, entered into with Apelby Communications, will see its Ember platform pushed to new potential clients in Europe, Africa, and Latin America, whom will then sell the platform to their own users. Revenue generated will then be shared amongst Swarmio, Apelby, and the telecom provider, should any sales arrangements be entered into.

Consumers that subscribe to the Ember platform will gain access to exclusive gaming content, an online store, a gaming e-wallet, and more importantly, an ultra low latency gaming experience combined with competitive challenges and tournaments. The platform is focused on enabling users in regions with low credit card penetration to be reached by game publishers and developers, by making the games available via telecom providers.

“Having validated Swarmio’s Ember platform, and knowing that our telco clients and partners are looking for ways to engage with the vast and growing populations of gamers who are already online in the regions they serve, we are confident that offering Ember to our clients and partners will provide them with a unique new solution to monetize and retain their customers,” said Apelby CEO Emil Kovac.

Latin America, where Apelby will look to push the Ember platform, is currently the fastest growing gaming market, where 70% of people are currently either unbanked or underbanked.

Swarmio Media last traded at $0.13 on the CSE.

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