Sweden Considers Deploying Military to Combat Rising Gang Crime

Sweden is contemplating deploying its military to aid law enforcement in combating a surge in gang-related crime, marked by a significant rise in fatal shootings and bomb attacks. 

“I cannot emphasize enough how serious the situation is. Sweden has never seen anything like it before. No other country in Europe sees anything like it currently,” Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, addressed the nation on Thursday night.

The Prime Minister has called for a meeting with the head of Sweden’s defense forces and the police to explore how the army could assist.

The country faces its gravest domestic security crisis since World War II, as immigrant drug gangs are embroiled in a violent conflict. Police officials note a disturbing trend where these gangs increasingly involve minors in criminal activities, taking advantage of lenient sentences for those under 18. 

Kristersson attributed the crisis to what he termed as “political naivete and cluelessness,” blaming an irresponsible immigration policy and failed integration efforts that fostered criminal gangs through social exclusion and parallel societies.

Last year saw a record number of deadly shootings in Sweden, and September is on track to become the deadliest month on record with at least 11 people killed

The violence, centered around Stockholm, is largely attributed to a split within one of the country’s major drug gangs, led by a Kurdish immigrant now residing in Turkey. Turkey’s refusal to support Sweden’s NATO application, citing concerns about Kurdish terrorists, adds another layer to the complex situation.

As daily reports highlight the toll on innocent lives, including families and bystanders, calls for military intervention have intensified.

The opposition Social Democrats urge the government to mobilize the military to protect key government facilities, allowing the police to focus on investigating the violence. 

While Kristersson declared that “everything was on the table,” concrete details about the military’s role remain unspecified. He affirmed a commitment to do whatever is necessary to restore order and emphasized the imperative to “hunt” and “defeat” the criminal gangs plaguing Sweden.

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