TeleCure Fires Executive For “Microaggression”

The world of small cap continues to amaze. It was announced this evening that TeleCure Technologies (CSE: TELE) has fired an executive.. for microaggression. Even more bizarrely, is it comes roughly three weeks after the exec was appointed chairman of the company after being employed as chief operating officer.

The executive in question is Josh Rosenberg, whom served as both the chairman of the board as well as chief operating officer for the company. Appointed chairman on November 18, his resume was hyped by the company, with his experience at Accent Food Services and Coca-Cola both pointed to as his personal highlights, in addition to his role in growing their business.

However in the time since, things appear to have turned sour between Rosenberg and CEO Adnan Malik, whom evidently wasn’t expecting to have to report to someone.

Malik provided no-holds-barred commentary on the termination, stating, “Many of Mr. Rosenberg’s behaviors and actions impede the proper functioning of our business as well as hurt the moral of our workforce. We have a zero tolerance of discrimination including microaggressions which have a detrimental effect on all of us. I wish Mr. Rosenberg all the best in his future endeavors.

The company commented further on the termination, stating, “The action was taken due to a series of misconducts, insubordination, and discriminatory remarks by Mr. Rosenberg.

Evidently none of those issues were apparent three weeks ago.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Rosenberg would be staying with the company in the role of chairman, with the commentary from the company referencing an executive employment agreement dated August 29, which pre-dates his more recent appointment to Chairman. The title of the news release also only mentions his role as COO.

TeleCure Technologies last traded at $0.315 on the CSE.

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