The Deep Dive Initiates Coverage on Cardiol Therapeutics

With a heavy focus on cannabinoids, Cardiol Therapeutics (TSX: CRDL) is not your typical cannabis stock. Rather than focusing on the traditional method of acquiring cannabinoids – through the extraction of a cannabis plant, which requires a Health Canada license that is slow to obtain – Cardiol has heavily emphasized a different route to acquire its required ingredients – chemical synthesis.

While many traditionalists in the industry snub the idea of a synthetic cannabinoid, Cardiol has embraced the required technology to produce CBD’s at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Moreover, the result is a 100% pure product – something that is currently not on vendor shelves.

The initial product, known as CardiolRx, will address a significant portion of the total medical cannabinoid market. Commercialization of the synthesized formulation is expected to occur in the second half of 2019, with both a 50 mg/ml and a 100 mg/ml concentration expected to arrive on store shelves. This pharmaceutical CBD will provide significant near term revenues for Cardiol.

In addition to the CardiolRx product, Cardiol is currently working on developing products that tackle the issue of Heart Failure, as well as that of Brain Tumours (Glioblastoma Multiforme). In the case of Heart Failure, there are three drug formulations that Cardiol is currently working with to treat the disease that remains a leading cause of death.

Clinical trials for Cardiol’s heart failure products are expected to enter clinical trials in H2 2019, with clinical trials for its brain tumour products expected to commence in H2 2020.

For a full company overview of Cardiol Therapeutics including a product breakdown, management analysis, CBD market size analysis and more, follow the link below.

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