The Deep Dive Launches its Canadian LP Tracker

The Deep Dive has always been focused on fundamental analysis over that of technicals. While we still acknowledge technical indicators, fundamentals is where its at for a long term investment perspective. To further push this point, The Deep Dive would like to formally announce its Canadian LP Tracker Dashboard.

The dashboard itself is focused on Canadian licensed producers in the marijuana sector. After aggregating what we deem to be the core fundamental financial figures for the marketplace, we have established dedicated company profiles that enables ease of comparison on a quarter over quarter basis.

These figures, such as cash balance, trailing twelve month revenues, operating cash flows and more, enable the investor to get a solid understanding of the underlying strength of each individual business.

While still under development, the tracker will be updated frequently as financial statements are released on a company by company basis. These filings will also be added for ease of reference on a continuous basis.

Enough chat, check it out for yourself below!

All of the information on this dashboard was collected on a best efforts basis. This information should not be relied upon to make investment decisions. Always do your own diligence when purchasing a security and contact a licensed financial representative.