The Roast of Justin Trudeau: PM Tells Twitter Audience to Ask Him Questions, and The Responses Were Hilarious

In keeping up with the Christmas spirit, Canada’s prime minister gave Twitter an enjoyably hilarious gift: the roast of Justin Trudeau.

Well, Trudeau didn’t exactly call it a roast, but did request his Twitter audience send in questions they have for him by responding to the post— “and then stay tuned!” We aren’t sure if the cheerful Trudeau is genuinely seeking Canadians’ input on his policies or merely looking to troll the twitter world ahead of the holidays (although both statements are interchangeable), the audience certainly delivered— and the responses were hilarious.

The Prime minister likely wasn’t expecting to have his twitter blow up with questions such as what kind of pants dogs wear or whether mermaids reproduce like humans or fish, but that is what the audience is prompting him to consider.

Trudeau’s twitter video garnered over 6,000 responses within the span of an hour, with a wide-ranging mix of outpours of support, serious policy questions regarding healthcare, climate change, and political reform, and of course a lot of bitter responses calling on the prime minister to resign.

Trudeau put himself into awkward position of combing through a plethora of questions related to his previous gaffes of wearing blackface, with curious twitter users wondering what brand of makeup is his favourite, or why on some days he looks so bloated.

Another twitter user asked where he gets his face masks from…

Whilst follower @mya11281477 asked what the prime minister’s favourite colour is. Another user took a more serious tone, insinuating Trudeau as a hypocrite for traveling in a private jet while Canadians pay a carbon tax to tackle the climate crisis.

However, user @cibbycabby post probably dialled into the most simplest of questions: “Why are you willing to answer questions from Twitter and not Question Period?”

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