Pierre Poilievre Threatens to Cut MPs’ Six-Week Vacation Short

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has declared his intent to disrupt MPs’ holiday plans by utilizing procedural tactics to impede the minority Liberal government’s economic legislation. The move comes as a response to the contentious vote on the carbon tax carve-outs for farming fuels in the Senate, which Poilievre claims has effectively “gutted” the bill.

During a morning caucus meeting, Poilievre announced plans to introduce thousands of amendments, causing round-the-clock voting sessions to block the government’s proposed $20 billion of inflationary spending and other economic plans. The Conservative leader demanded the removal of the carbon tax on farmers, First Nations, and families, linking the threat directly to the recent Senate vote that, according to Conservative senators, jeopardized the fate of Bill C-234.

“I’ve got news for Justin Trudeau, you’ve ruined Christmas for Canadians. Common sense Conservatives are going to ruin your vacation as well,” Poilievre said. “You will have no rest until the tax is gone.”

The blame for the Senate’s decision was squarely placed on “Liberal” senators appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whom Poilievre accused of being “intimidated” into supporting the amendment. Trudeau, however, has not been part of the Liberal caucus in the Senate for almost a decade, and his appointees are selected through an independent advisory process.

Government House Leader Karina Gould swiftly condemned Poilievre’s actions as “completely irresponsible and completely reckless,” warning that these tactics would adversely impact Canadians. She accused Poilievre of orchestrating a “temper tantrum” that could disrupt key legislative processes.

In response to the threat, the Conservative Party has quietly put forward numerous motions seeking votes on government spending plans and committee agenda items. If enacted, these votes could consume much of the remaining sitting days in the House, conflicting with the government’s push to pass priority bills, including the fall economic statement implementation legislation, before the holiday break.

Gould criticized Poilievre’s approach, labeling it as “not leadership” and accusing him of prioritizing personal aggrandizement over the welfare of Canadians. Despite Poilievre’s assertion that the holidays will be disrupted, it is worth noting that the decision to change the parliamentary schedule typically requires unanimous consent or an extension request from Trudeau.

As tensions escalated in question period, Conservative MP Damien Kurek was ordered to leave the chamber for the day after refusing to apologize for accusing the Prime Minister of lying, a breach of House Standing Orders. 

The political drama surrounding the carbon tax dispute continues to unfold, with both parties locked in a heated exchange as the holiday season approaches.

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