The Solution To Antibiotic Resistance – With Cytophage CEO Dr Steven Theriault

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is sponsored content for Cytophage Technologies.

In this interview, Dr. Steven Theriault BSc, MSc, PhD, CEO of Cytophage Technologies Ltd (TSXV: CYTO), sits down with Small Cap Steve to shed light on Cytophage’s groundbreaking work in health science, specifically addressing bacterial infections through tailored bacteriophages. Bacteriophages, viruses that selectively infect and eliminate bacteria, offer an eco-friendly alternative to antibiotics.

Dr. Theriault emphasizes the pressing issue of antibiotic resistance and the critical need for innovative solutions. Cytophage’s technology, spanning human health, animal well-being, and food safety, presents a comprehensive approach. The interview explores the company’s mission to commercialize products globally, potentially revolutionizing bacterial infection treatments on a worldwide scale.

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