There’s Lead In Your Stanley Cup: Makers Of Viral Tumbler Sued Over Deceptive Practices

Four women from California are accusing Pacific Market International (PMI), the company behind the widely popular Stanley cups, of deceptive practices by failing to inform consumers about the presence of lead in the products. 

Filed in Los Angeles state court, the plaintiffs are pushing for class action status, claiming that PMI marketed the Stanley cups as both safe and durable despite being aware of the lead contained in the vacuum seals of the cups.

“PMI has marketed its products to the public for years as a safe, practical item especially suitable for young women,” the lawsuit said. “But PMI did not disclose its use of lead in manufacturing until January 2024. Rather, it advertises its cups as being ‘BPA-free’ and made of stainless steel while omitting another key ingredient used in its vacuum seal: lead.” 

The complainants argue that had they been aware of the lead content, they would not have opted to purchase the Stanley cups. “PMI kept customers in the dark so as not to interfere with its bonanza of influencer-driven sales, especially sales to young women,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit seeks both compensatory and punitive damages against PMI, along with a permanent injunction that would require the company to explicitly disclose the presence of lead and any other hazardous substances in its products sold in California. 

The vacuum cups, which are priced between $35 and $50, have seen a significant surge in popularity, attributed largely to social media influence. This surge has resulted in a substantial increase in revenue for the Stanley brand, reaching $750 million last year, a tenfold increase as reported by CNBC.

PMI has publicly acknowledged the presence of lead in the seal of the cup’s vacuum insulation but claims that the lead does not come into contact with the product’s contents or the consumers.

In other news, the cup leaks.

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