This New Video-Based AI-Powered Tool Lets You ‘Speak’ In Another Language

HeyGen, a generative AI video program, has unveiled a new feature that allows users to seamlessly translate their spoken content into different languages while maintaining perfect lip synchronization.

Traditionally, video translation involved the use of subtitles or dubbing, but HeyGen’s new technology aims to eliminate the need for these approaches. 

Users can now record a video in their native language, and HeyGen’s AI takes care of overdubbing the content in a language of their choice, with what it touts is “native-like fluency.” The program also superimposes realistic mouth movements on the video, creating a convincing illusion of the speaker using the chosen language. 

Currently, HeyGen supports translation into several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, and Hindi.

The company, which was originally called Movio before a rebranding in April, also recently launched a way to create a “personal deepfake” or an AI-generated video double that can say practically anything you type into a text field. Its founder, Joshua Xu, says this new product is “more than just a translation feature; it’s a new paradigm for content consumption.”

To experience it for yourself, you’ll need to record a video of at least 30 seconds up to a maximum of 5 minutes, in mp4, Quicktime, or Webm format, with a file size not exceeding 500 MB and upload it here.

X user Jon Finger posted a test on Monday and the results, while still not completely natural-looking, were pretty astonishing.

In a reply, a native French speaker pointed out that the language Finger “spoke” was “technically perfect” but the accent was more French-Canadian or Québécois.

The potential impact of this technology extends to various industries, including content creation and localization. As HeyGen continues to refine its system, it could reshape the landscape of video translation and potentially impact industries like dubbing. And also, more deepfakes.

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