Trudeau’s G20 Weekend: Canadian PM Contributes… ‘Gender Language’ to Final G20 Leaders’ Declaration

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s G20 weekend in New Delhi was plagued full of embarrassment and awkward interactions with some of the world’s most prominent leaders, and finished off with two extra days in India after his jet broke down.

The top headlines to come out of Trudeau’s two-day meeting with fellow G20 counterparts was the apparent sideline scolding he received from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding recent anti-India protests on Canadian soil. According to India, Canada is allowing for the glorification of violence by separatists of the Sikh community. “They are promoting secessionism and inciting violence against Indian diplomats, damaging diplomatic premises and threatening the Indian community in Canada and their places of worship,” a statement by India reads.

In rebuttal, Trudeau reminded India about its alleged foreign meddling in Canadian politics. Although the two prime ministers didn’t actually conduct a formal meeting over the weekend, the comments between the pair were made off-record during the summit. To make matters worse, Trudeau also couldn’t make a quick getaway following the embarrassing interaction with Modi.

After realizing that no one really wanted to talk to him or shake his hand during the summit, the apparently miserable-looking recently-separated-from-his-wife Canadian prime minister learned that his Airbus A310 won’t be jetting back to his homeland anytime soon. The aircraft suffered a technical difficulty that required replacement parts, leaving Trudeau and his delegation stranded in India for two days before finally departing back to Ottawa on a different plane.

As if that cringy mishap wasn’t enough, criticism from his main opponent Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre was in full swing back home. “Now Trudeau gets to experience the same flight delays he has imposed on Canadians through his mismanagement of federal airports,” said Poilievre on Twitter.

Indeed, it appeared that Trudeau wasn’t very welcome amongst the numerous powerful heads of state responsible for shaping global policies, signing deals, and creating defence partnerships. And, judging by the numerous mishaps, he likely wished he wasn’t there either— it’s not like he was bringing a lot to the G20 table anyway.

When one reporter quizzed the prime minister about what Canada contributed to the final 29-page G20 leaders’ declaration, a grinning Trudeau proudly announced, ‘gender language.’

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