Ukraine To Use American Technology To Build More Nuclear Power Plants In 2024

Ukraine’s Energy Minister, Herman Halushchenko, announced on January 21 that the country will begin the construction of nine blocks for nuclear power stations using American AR1000 technology this year.  The move is part of the ministry’s efforts to boost electricity generation capacity. 

“The Ministry’s priorities for this year include focusing on decentralization efforts and enhancing capabilities in distributed electricity generation, primarily by installing gas turbines,” Halushchenko said in a TV interview. 

The decision was earlier announced by the Energy Ministry in December when they signed an agreement with Energoatom President Petro Kotin and Westinghouse Electric Company CEO Patrick Fragman to acquire equipment for Khmelnytsky NPP Unit 5. The announcement highlighted the use of Westinghouse’s AR1000 technology.

“Such reactors did not exist in Ukraine, they do not exist in the post-Soviet space, and they do not yet exist in Europe. This is one of the most advanced technologies in nuclear energy, which makes it possible to maintain the safety systems of nuclear plants even in the event of blackouts and the absence of diesel generators or other power systems,” Galushchenko said in December, emphasizing as well that by signing these agreements, Ukraine can continue its efforts to move away from Soviet-Russian technologies in atomic energy. 

“This is important for strengthening Ukraine’s energy security and renewing our nuclear power industry, which was, is and will be the key generation in Ukraine,” Galushchenko added. 

Ukraine currently has four power stations with 15 reactors, generating about half of the country’s electricity. One station, Zaporizhzhzia, has been under Russian control since they invaded Ukraine at the beginning of 2022. With six reactors and a capacity of 6000 MWe, Zaporizhzhzia is currently the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

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